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Taking Care of Your Face In Your 50s

Sep 26, 2017 10:36:00 AM Posted by: Mr. Fuan Chan

It is a simple fact that our skin changes as we age. The effects of life and the environment tend to become more visible on our faces with each passing decade. Pollution, free radicals, UV damage, stress, dehydration and the simple wear and tear of life can all become evident, in the form of dullness, pigmentation spots, uneven texture, fine lines and deeper wrinkles.


Keeping Your Skin Healthy And Vibrant In Your 20s For A Lasting Youthful Look

Jul 4, 2017 10:30:00 AM Posted by: Mr. Fuan Chan

There’s a saying that youth is wasted on the young, and our complexion is often something we tend to take for granted when we’re in our 20s. (As we do with most things!) Unless there is a problem, like acne or pigmentation, we tend to just leave it be. Sun protection is an occasional consideration when we go on holidays to warmer places, and skincare is a case of what we can afford, if we care at all to use it.


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