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How A Skincare Regime With Cosmeceuticals Can Restore Youth To Your Face

May 23, 2017 10:30:00 AM / by Mr. Fuan Chan

As most skincare experts or cosmetic surgeons will tell you, good skin is the foundation of beauty. A youthful looking face is fresh, plump, radiant and has an even skintone. Unfortunately, these aspects decline as we get older thanks to the effects of UV damage from the sun and the daily onslaught of free radicals, along with genetic ageing. In many cases the complexion becomes dull, skin becomes lax and we develop lines and wrinkles. All this combines to give skin an aged appearance, lacking in that brightness and vibrancy our younger selves had.


However, where once a complexion badly affected by sun damage and ageing was difficult to improve upon, or needed surgery such as a facelift for any significant changes, that is not the case anymore. There is much available today, from truly effective skincare to treatments, and with some commitment from a patient – whether that is sticking to a regime or dealing with some downtime in the aftermath of a treatment - good results are very possible. I always apply a gradual, staged approach to any facial rejuvenation process and the first step should always be skincare.

The main thing to remember is that for any skincare to work effectively, a regime is necessary, as I mentioned in a previous blog. It doesn’t matter what concern you are looking to address, products need to be used day and night. Quite simply, they just won’t work otherwise.

Sometimes I would prescribe different products for day and for night, to maximise on the changes our metabolisms undergo at these times. At night, the skin’s barrier is reduced, meaning active ingredients can better penetrate its layers. Skin also gets the chance to rest as it is not defending us against environmental assault from things like pollution, free radicals, and the sun’s UV rays.

Committing to using high quality products consistently is advisable but it is also important to note that cosmetic products you can buy over the counter are in general not as effective in terms of anti-aging benefits and visible results. They don’t contain sufficient active ingredients, potency or depth of penetration to really have an impact in the deeper layer of the skin tissue. When it comes to products, there are drugs, or pharmaceuticals, and there is a category of products called cosmeceuticals – the name itself is a clue; they are cosmetic and pharmaceutical hybrids. These cosmeceuticals have preventative and restorative functions that promote, preserve and restore skin health.  

It is very difficult to bring a pharmaceutical product to market as it needs FDA approval, which requires a lot of clinical trials, and the process can take ten to 15 years. With cosmeceuticals, while they can be potent and very effective, they don’t need to go through such extensive, rigorous tests. They can be brought to market sooner as a result, but are also usually available by prescription only or just in certain clinics.

Factors such as the quality of the person’s skin, the issues they would like to address, how much downtime may be needed, whether the patient is looking for a short or long-term solution, the level of commitment they can adhere to, as well as cost, all play a part in deciding what product or treatment is right for each patient.


If I think it will be of benefit, I will sometimes recommend a cosmetic peel such as the Obagi Blue Peel or ZO Medical Peel to selective patients, but there are also many good, innovative cosmeceutical products I use at my clinic that can address the range of skincare issues, from wrinkles to rough skin to acne. Positive results can be achieved with the use of high-quality cosmeceutical products. Determining which of the many products available on the market will best suit a patient is based on their skincare needs, and is an important part of my consultation. There are huge numbers of cosmeceutical products on the market. Of note, the cosmeceutical products that I have listed here are those that I have identified to have sufficient clinical and scientific data to support their efficacy.

I am impressed with the Obagi Nu Derm range. It has produced largely positive results in many patients for the last two decades. However, it needs significant commitment from the patient, as well as supervision by a medically trained professional in order to achieve a good outcome.

The Obagi range includes products to treat many of the skincare problems that can leave the skin looking less vibrant. As well as products that remove the signs of ageing and fatigue to give skin a fresher, more vibrant look, Obagi also has specialised cosmeceuticals that can control acne, rough skin and wrinkles, and treatments specifically for sensitive skin and the delicate skin around the eyes.

ZO Skin Health is also a range that can give great skincare results and is suitable for patients starting an anti-ageing regime, those with sensitive skin, especially those with very dry skin, or those simply looking for enhanced daily maintenance and skin protection. The range complements the skin’s natural recovery process, helping to restore hydration and nourishment to dry skin and reinforcing its protective barrier to maintain hydration. ZO Medical provides therapeutic solutions to treat a wide range of skin disorders and chronic conditions. These medical-grade therapeutic solutions are based on the latest advances in skin therapy technology.

IS Clinical’s products are particularly good for the peri-orbital skin - that delicate area around the eyes. Cleaning, treating, hydrating and protecting the skin, this range can also help to target acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, scarring, sun spots and the common signs of ageing such as wrinkles.

Another brand I work with is Teoxane Cosmeceutical. This range produces a hyaluronic acid-rich dermal filler, Teosyal, which I use, and I often recommend the skincare range to clients. The Teoxane Cosmeceuticals skincare line has the same crossed-linked hyaluronic acid used in dermal filler injections. It is is a good option for people who don’t feel they can commit to a skincare regime and just want one product to take care of their skin.

One development that is proving to be very promising is the range from Dr Levy Switzerland. It is a stem cell rejuvenation treatment that uses a combination of powerful anti-ageing and hydration molecules to restore a youthful vitality to the skin. It not only tackles the signs of ageing but activates the skin’s own regenerative processes to give smoother, younger-looking skin.

If you are interested in finding out what products will work best to restore a youthful appearance to your face, or if you are considering other forms of facial rejuvenation or a cosmetic surgery procedure, arrange a consultation with Mr Chan.

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Mr. Fuan Chan

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