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Learn about Skin Cancer
Uncover if Cosmetic Surgery is Right For You

A New Way to Correct Protruding Ears with earFold

Taking Care of Your Skin in Your 40s to Restore a Youthful Appearance

Liposuction and the Importance of a Tailored Approach to Body Contouring

The Impact of Selfie Culture on Perceptions of Beauty and The Need to Embrace Your Own Features

Signs of Ageing on the Face and Non-Surgical Treatments to Address Them

Dealing With the Modern-Day Problem of ‘Tech Neck’

Botox: 15 Years of Fighting the Signs of Ageing

The Rising Popularity of Lip Fillers in Ireland

What You Need to Know About Liposuction

Treatment Options to Rejuvenate or Enhance the Face

A Sample Study of the Stages of the Facial Rejuvenation Process

The Steps to Youthful-Looking Skin

Beyond the Surgery: What You Need to Know About the Before and After Stages of Cosmetic Surgery

Natural-Looking Lip Augmentation with Dermal Fillers

Breast Augmentation: What to Know

Proud to Become a Full Member of the Gold Standard for Plastic Surgeons

What To Know About Skin And Keeping It Looking Youthful

Taking Care of Your Face In Your 50s

Bringing A More Youthful Look To The Neck Area

Tackling The Midriff To Restore Or Enhance Body Shape

The Benefits Of Soft Tissue Fillers For A More Youthful Look

What To Expect To Feel During Your Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Time

Common Nose Complaints And How Rhinoplasty Can Help

Maintaining The Positive Results Of A Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Dealing With Facial Ageing Beyond Your 40s

Tips For A Successful Aesthetic Surgery

Chin Augmentation And A More Defined Facial Contour

Caring For Your Complexion In Your 30s

Quick And Easy Steps To Refresh Your Appearance

What You Need To Know About Breast Lift Surgery

UV Rays And The Signs Of Ageing On Your Skin

Collagen: What Is It, What Does It Do, And How Can I Restore It In My Skin?

Toning Your Upper Arms With Brachioplasty, Or An Arm Lift

Rhinoplasty And Upper Lip Projection

Fillers For The Labiomental Crease To Restore A Youthful Look To The Face

Breast Surgery For Men

Streamlining The Lower Body For An Enhanced Shape And Greater Self-Confidence

Are You Ready For Cosmetic Surgery?

Delighted To Have Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments At My Clinic Recommended By Irish Tatler

An Introductory Guide To Breast Augmentation & Implants

Body Contouring Procedures To Give You The Silhouette You Want This Summer

Keeping Your Skin Healthy And Vibrant In Your 20s For A Lasting Youthful Look

Restoring Youth To An Ageing Forehead

Dealing With The Signs Of Ageing In The Expressive Eye And Mouth Areas

Threadlift: Restoring A Youthful Appearance Without The Surgery

The Importance Of Symmetry And Harmony To Aesthetic Beauty

Botox: The Facts You Need To Know

Body Contouring Procedures To Give A Smoother Body Shape: Part 2

What To Do Before Deciding On Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures To Give You A Smoother Body Shape

Popular Cosmetic Procedures For Men

How A Skincare Regime With Cosmeceuticals Can Restore Youth To Your Face

What You Need To Know About Rhinoplasty

Innovations In Cosmetic Treatments That Ensure The Best Outcome For My Patients

Restoring Volume To Your Lips To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Refreshing The Eye Area To Bring A Youthful Look Back To Your Face

Treatments To Restore A Youthful Look To Your Face

5 Things To Consider If You’re Concerned About Skin Cancer

So You’re Considering… A Breast Lift

Staying Safe In The Sun By Using SPF To Reduce The Risk Of Skin Cancer

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures To Restore And Enhance Your Body Shape

Five Common Misconceptions About Skin Cancer

Ten Questions About Breast Augmentation & Implants Answered

How To Recognise If You Are At Risk Of Skin Cancer

Dealing With Aging And The Treatments To Help Restore A Youthful Appearance

Ongoing Skin Cancer Research And How It Informs Us About The Disease And Its Treatment

Cosmetic Surgery: What You Need To Know And Do Before Deciding On A Procedure

Tips And Advice On Using Suncare Products To Reduce The Risk Of Skin Cancer

So You’re Thinking About… Getting Dermal Fillers

The Importance Of Sun Protection For Farmers To Reduce The Risk Of Skin Cancer

Delighted To Receive The 2017 Patient Service Award For Great Customer Service From

New Technology Helps Patients ‘See’ Results Of Breast Augmentation Before Surgery

Melanoma: What It Is And What To Look Out For

Aesthetic Treatments Such As Cosmetic Peels and Injectables Help Fight Signs Of Aging

Basal Cell Carcinoma: What It Is And What To Look Out For

5 Tips For Healthy Skin To Keep Your Youthful Appearance

Squamous Cell Carcinoma: What It Is And What To Look Out For

Jacinta Regained Her Confidence After Inverted Nipple Correction

The Rise In Skin Cancer Among City Dwellers And The Young, And Why Being Sun Smart Is Important

So You’re Considering… A Brow Lift

The Dangers Of Sunbeds And Why Protecting Your Skin From UV Rays Can Help Decrease Skin Cancer Risks

So You’re Considering… Breast Augmentation

More Common Skin Cancer Misconceptions and The Facts You Need To Know

Thread lift: A Great Non-Surgical Alternative to the Facelift

Types of Skin Cancer Treatment Explained

An Instant View Of What Your Cosmetic Surgery Will Look Like With New 3D Imaging Technology

What To Ask Your Doctor If You Are Diagnosed With Skin Cancer

earFold: A New Innovation To Correct Prominent Ears

The Stages of Skin Cancer and the Importance of Early Detection and Treatment

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation with Reversible Botox and Fillers that Help You Stay Looking Young

Recognising The Characteristics of Different Types of Skin Cancer

Proud to Be Featured in Irish Tatler Article on Botox and Fillers for Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Botox and Fillers: A Proactive Approach To a Youthful Appearance

Skin Cancer Patient Eddie Delighted with Mr Chan’s Professionalism, Skill and Understanding

Signs of Different Types of Skin Cancer

So You're Considering... a Facelift

Laura Regained Her Self-esteem and Felt Physically Better After Breast Reduction Surgery From Mr Chan

UV Rays, SPF and Protecting the Skin From Sun Damage

A Look At The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Ireland

Emma’s Breast Augmentation Gave Her the Body Shape She Always Wanted

The Skin Cancer Facts and Checks You Need To Be Aware Of

How to Select the Right Cosmetic Surgeon For You

Sonia, a Breast Augmentation Patient of Mr Chan, Praises His Excellent Skill and Care

Common Aesthetic Issues and the Cosmetic Surgery Procedures to Treat Them

What To Do If You’re Diagnosed With Skin Cancer

Cat, a Rhinoplasty Patient of Mr Chan, Says She Now Looks and Feels Better

Common Myths About Cosmetic Surgery

Lifestyle Advice to Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

Rosemary, a cosmetic surgery patient, 'feels normal again' after breast augmentation

So You're Considering... a Tummy Tuck

Making Your Family Sun Smart to Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

So you’re considering…. Chin augmentation

The Sun Factor: SPF All-Year-Round to Protect Against the Risk of Skin Cancer

Christina, a cosmetic surgery patient of Mr Chan, praises his professional and friendly manner

So You're Considering... a Neck Lift

Skin Cancer: Are You at Risk?

Jennifer from Dublin thanks Mr Chan for restoring her confidence with a ‘life-changing’ tummy tuck

Explaining cosmetic surgery terms to understand the procedure that's best for you

Explaining cosmetic surgery terms to understand the procedure that's best for you

So You're Considering... Liposuction

Busting skin cancer myths and protecting yourself from harmful UV rays

Mr Tony Randles praises the fast, effective and caring work of Mr Chan in treating his melanoma

Remember A,B,C,D,E: The home guide to checking for signs of skin cancer

So you’re considering… Peri-orbital or eyelid surgery

Mr George O'Neill talks about the great treatment he received from Mr Chan at Blackrock Clinic

Skin Cancer: What You Need to Know

So you’re considering… Aesthetic Rhinoplasty, or a ‘nose job’

Explaining cosmetic surgery terms to understand the procedure that's best for you

Skin Cancer: The Basics You Need to Know

Cosmetic Surgery: A Beginner’s Guide

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